Standard Chartered Revealed Pakistan Presents $96 Billion Opportunity for the Private Sector

The Standard Chartered  SDG Investment Map shows private sector investors across emerging markets an almost USD 10 trillion potential, with a total of $96.2 billion, to help meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The survey established prospects for private sector investments to contribute between now and 2030 to the three infrastructure goals:

SDG 6: clean water and sanitation;

SDG 7: sustainable and renewable energy; and

SDG 9: Manufacturing, Innovational, Emerging Market Infrastructure.

The greatest investment opportunity in Pakistan is found in achieving and maintaining universal access to electricity (a key SDG 7 indicator), representing a USD44.7 private-sector opportunity. This considers the proportion of the population currently without electricity access (29 per cent), projected population growth, and the growing demand for power as the economy develops.

There is also significant opportunity for investment in digital infrastructure, with a potential private-sector contribution of around USD34 billion needed to achieve full digital adoption (measured by a combination of mobile phone subscription rates and internet connectivity). Digital access is a key indicator for SDG 9, which encourages improvement in industry, innovation and infrastructure. The other SDG 9 indicator in Opportunity2030 is transport infrastructure. To significantly improve Pakistan’s transport infrastructure by 2030 indicates a USD13.5 billion investment opportunity for the private sector.

The opportunity in the water and sanitation sector is smaller but could make a significant impact. Almost a quarter (24 per cent) of Pakistan’s population still do not have access to clean water and sanitation, a key SDG 6 indicator. Closing this gap by 2030 will require significant investment, with an opportunity for the private sector to provide around USD4 billion of the funding.

Mr. Shazad Dada Chief Executive Officer at Standard Chartered said: “Pakistan has demonstrated strong commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals by becoming the first country to adopt the SDGs as part of its national development agenda through a Parliamentary Resolution. The private sector will play a crucial role in enabling Pakistan to hit these targets and there is substantial opportunity for investment that supports infrastructure development, including digital, energy provisioning as well as clean water and sanitation.

“Opportunity2030 provides an important map of the SDG opportunities for private sector investors looking to invest with impact and improve the lives of millions of Pakistanis over the next decade.”

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