Google Creating Messaging App for Businesses that Combines Gmail, Hangouts, Drive

Google has released several messaging apps and is about to launch another new report. Google is expected to work on a new messaging framework for businesses that incorporates many of its existing applications into one.

In an information article, the app integrates Gmail and Google Drive, as well as Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat for both text and video chat.

It is confirmed that this new messaging application is led by the Google Cloud team and is being tested on Google. There is still no word on what could be named, but it would potentially form part of online productivity tools in Google’s G Suite.

It’s clear that Google wants to be the manner that you connect with others with all the messaging apps that you have already installed. The Message app for Android is available to regular consumers and it sounds like Google wants a piece of the business pie that apps like Slack and Microsoft teams are enjoying.

Because of Google’s size, it could get some interest from business users with its upcoming app. It can be difficult to switch a business from one messaging app that they’re used to to an entirely new service, though, so Google could also face some difficulties with its next messaging app

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