Government Launched “Durust Daam App” to keep the Check on Prices of Groceries with Transparency

The app was introduced for the people of Islamabad by Islamabad Commissioner Hamza Shafqat two months ago. The app is designated as a “Durust Daam” to explain the government’s rates for foodstuffs to the citizen.

The illegal profit is at the height of salespeople who cause the public to pay an additional amount for each foodstuff that is needed. The best foods such as poultry, fish, meat, fruit, and vegetables will therefore be found in people’s countries.

In cooperation with the National Technology Board, the app was produced. The good thing about this app is that people can order it and get it to their doorstep without paying extra costs, not only about the exact and updated process of food products but also the people who reside in Faisalabad, Islamabad, and Baluchistan.

Hamza Shafqat said in a press conference: “You can almost save 30% to 40% on every order. For example, if you order something that costs Rs.2000, getting it through the app means that you will only have to pay Rs.1, 300 for it.”

According to Islamabad’s commissioner, the people who are using this app have altogether save Rs.40 million using the platform of the app. The team of the Durust Damm had partnered with Fowrry and Sabzi Mandi online promising shopping and food startups.

The app has been downloaded by the citizens over 17,000 times and averagely, Durust Daam gets 115 orders every day. By far, the app had yet delivered orders worth Rs. 75 million.

The application is a paragraph that holds a price check, according to the assistant commissioner for Islamabad, Gohar Zaman. The Durust Daam remains a pilot phase and has been sold on various social media platforms to generate overall knowledge between people. The program is planned to operate as soon as possible in other major towns in Pakistan.

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