Karachi to Get Govt. App for Buying Groceries At Lower Prices

Karachi also receives a mobile application after Punjab and Islamabad, which will allow people to buy fruit and vegetables at rates approved by the government.

The concept for this application was based on the Durust Daam device used in Islamabad, Commissioner Karashi Shallwani said in a television interview on Tuesday. The app is currently in its final stages and will start in February. During the interview, Shallwani discussed the problems faced by Karachi and shared his vision for the country’s largest city.

The commissioner maintained that the administration is working to bring Karachi on par with international cities.

Karachi hosts several sporting events due to which many tourists come here. It is, therefore, necessary to make it a pedestrian-friendly city.

He noted that Karachi’s three biggest issues are solid waste management, water, and transport. “We are working on solving them,” he told.

He emphasized that the transport of the port city must be handled and that the footpaths and the footbridges must be improved in order to cope with traffic problems. He also said that on I.I Chunrigar Road they would build such a bridge.

The commissioner said that he also had discussions with several school owners to finalize a proposal that would allow one-way traffic for schools so that cars from all directions would prevent a grid lock.

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