More Than 85% of Pakistani Online Shoppers have Shopped on Daraz, Study Finds

In recent years, rapid growth of e-commerce has shaped shopping patterns and Pakistan’s retail landscape. Nielsen estimates that more than 85 percent of Pakistan’s online shoppers shopped on Daraz, according to a study conducted by the multinational measuring firm.

An “Intelligence in Pakistan’s e-commerce scenery,” a study on the interview of individuals in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan and Peshawar, was published for October 2019. In addition, interviews were made.

The results of the study highlight the fact that Daraz is well known to online shoppers and is 96% knowledgeable. Nielsen found that the web software has been used by 94% of the Daraz shoppers.

Motivations to visit the Daraz app include the ability to compare prices of various products and to search the online range of items. Nielsen also found that at least 5 times a month the average user visits the Daraz app. Females visit the App nearly 6.6 times a month–an average of 4.1 times a month higher frequency than males.

Another important factor attracting visitors is the enjoyable and customized experience that Daraz has developed for users through its exposure to artificial intelligence.

Daraz has been pioneering the art of shopping during the past year, introducing features like shake shake and app spin-offs to increase user participation and create high traffic on the platform, especially during mega campaigns like 11.11.

During the research, Nielsen evaluated three main categories of goods, namely, apparel, groceries and electronics. The analysis indicated that 68% of online shoppers in the country have shopped for apparel from Daraz at least once. Similarly, in the groceries and electronics categories, 76% and 66% of Pakistan’s online shoppers have shopped from Daraz at least once, respectively.

“Customer experience is paramount at Daraz. The findings from Nielsen’s study have helped us not only identify our strengths but also understand the measures we can take to make the customer journey more entertaining and seamless. In 2020, our aim is to further improve the customer journey and offer a greater degree of entertainment,” said Ammar Hassan, Chief Marketing Officer Daraz Pakistan.

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