AIOU Launches Academic Programmes for Overseas Pakistanis

Alloma Iqbal OpenUniversity has re-launched several academic programs in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE, the Omani Sultanate, Bahrain and the US. Allisan-ul-Arabic (BA), Arabic Bol Chall, Secondary School (Matric), Higher Secondary Schools Certificate ( are among the programming courses available to all Pakistanis.

Pakistanis interested have been told, and this will continue until 21 February, to sign up for continuous admission (spring 2020).

According to the Director of Admissions on Tuesday, the education facilities for students abroad are expanding with the help of Pakistani missions and schools outside of Pakistan. The admission form and prospectus can be downloaded from the university website.

In the meantime, AIOU has prepared a plan to offer educational facilities online in order to reach Pakistanis living overseas, especially in the Middle East.

The program includes the provision of study material and the establishment of test facilities in each area.

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