CNIC Condition on Purchases Above Rs50,000 Applies from Tomorrow

The Computerized National Identity Card status (CNIC) applies for transactions above Rs 50,000, as relaxation is expiring for the small traders from tomorrow (February 01, 2020).

On 30th october 2019 a deal was reached between the Federal Revenue Board (FBR) and members of the trade associations, which postponed the use of CNIC data until 31st January 2020.

Through Finance Act, 2019, it was made mandatory that a registered person making a taxable supply shall issue a serially numbered tax invoice at the time of supply of goods containing the following particulars, in Urdu or English language, namely:

1- Name, address and registration number of the supplier;

2- Name, address and registration, number of the recipient and NIC or NTN of the unregistered person, as the case may be, excluding supplies made by a retailer where the transaction value inclusive of sales tax amount does not exceed rupees fifty thousand, if sale is being made to an ordinary consumer.

Explanation. – For the purpose of this clause, ordinary consumer means a person who is buying the goods for his own consumption and not for the purpose of re-sale or processing.

The condition of CNIC or NTN was made mandatory from August 01, 2019.

However, on opposition from small traders the government after an agreement on October 30, 2019, postponed the applicability of CNIC till January 31, 2020.

The FBR on October 04, 2019 issued definition / rules related to condition of CNIC.

The FBR said that keeping in view the problems reported by the registered persons is ensuring proper identity of the buyer to fulfil the requirement of reporting NTN/NIC of the buyer in terms of section 23 of the Sales Tax Act, 1990, it is directed that the NIC/NTN of the buyer with respect to taxable supplies to an unregistered person shall be deemed to have been reported in good faith by the supplier provided that:

1- The tax invoice complies with the requirements of section 23(b) of the Act.

2-Payment made by or on behalf of the unregistered purchaser of the amount of the tax invoice, inclusive of sales tax and applicable further tax, is deposited into the supplier’s declared business bank account.

3- The NIC provided by the purchaser is found authenticated by the National Data and Registration Authority (NADRA).

4- The NIC/NTN provided is not of the employee of the seller or of his associates as defined under the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.

The issuance of a show cause notice to a registered person being a seller on account of any matter arising out of the NIC provided by a purchaser shall not be made without the prior approval of the Member (IR-Operations), FBR after providing an opportunity to be heard.

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