Is Intel Working On Their Own Foldable Phone?

Just as every other company works with foldable smartphones, Intel has also decided to jump in the truck. California based chipset maker Intel has a new company.

A patent for a foldable version of the smartphone, which becomes a tablet when launched, has recently been filed. In collaboration with LG Display, Boe Technology, Sharp and Samsung Display, Intel is also researching future advanced technology in order to see whether or not new panel types will contribute to positive user experience.

In the event of promising results from the testing, Intel announced it would speed up the development of similar products.

The patent shows a smartphone with a wrap-around display-like feature. The proprietary phone has a large flexible display that is mounted on the inner side of the handset, meaning that the display is visible if folded. The smartphones give us a better idea of the layout, with the help of letsgodigital.

There is a large button at the bottom of the phone, which allows the display to be folded and unfolded. All the necessary parts are on the left side of the telephone. The patent does not reveal anything with respect to the camera module.

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