Government Planing to Convert CNG Stations into EV Charging Terminals: Report

According to a report published in the News, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government adopted an environmental policy which includes the proposal to convert 3,000 stations across the country from natural compressed gas (CNG) to electric charging stations for vehicles.

Nevertheless, the report published on Wednesday said the Climate Change Ministry was making a great effort to promote the preservation of electric vehicles in Pakistan, but practical policies had still to be implemented to bring the vision into action.

The federal cabinet approved last year’s first ever national electric vehicle policy with the goal of addressing adverse consequences of climate changes and of offering affordable transport to common people over the next four years, according to the information available in the News.

An official said the news that policymakers discussed how the government wanted to manage energy consumption as high levels of electricity supply overflowed local power transformers during peak times / periods.

“The charging stations for EVs will require electricity that will be supplied through distribution companies only, unless someone makes their own power supply arrangements,” the official added, noting that many questions about the policy remained unanswered.

“Can battery powered EVs be competitive with conventional fueled vehicles in next five to ten years?” the official asked. “How and when will cost-effective charging infrastructure be developed in the country?” the official further questioned.

A spokesperson of the climate ministry on Tuesday said that carbon emissions from motor vehicles were considered one of the largest contributors to air pollution due to which the ministry was working hard to introduce electric vehicles everywhere in the country.

“The use of electric vehicles may help resolve many issues, including air pollution, rising fuel import bill, and saving two-thirds on transportation,” the spokesperson said.

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