Motorola’s New Video Shows How to Take Care of its Foldable Razr Phone

The foldable Motorola Razr has officially sold and a support video has been released next to it to warn customers to take care of their Razr.

The video demonstrates that the clamshell phone includes the alerts of previous folding components, the largest being a delicate screen of course.

The video begins to remind people that the phone is water repellent and should do well with small splashes of water. Recalling the Galaxy Fold, the next section continues to say that on the plastic screen “bumps and lumps” are natural and “sharp objects” should be avoided. Although it is obvious to use sharp objects, bumps and bumps are seen as “natural” for potential buyers.

Users are also not supposed to remove the protective film covering the display or replace it with a conventional screen protector. The last part that says “close phone before putting in pocket or purse” makes it clear that the display is fragile.

Neither of these alerts, however, is a surprise, since they only point out that the foldable device is in its infancy and limitations of this sort should be expected. It’s only until we invest 1500 $that the organization wants us to know about these stuff.

In the future, foldable phones will be more robust and until then we will bear a glitch or two, but this can be expected in a device of the first generation. The first foldable is already ready for release with Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG) by Samsung and the expectations are high.

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