Tobacco Ads Banned on Print and Electronic Media in the Country

Tobacco advertising, promotion, and sponsorship were rejected on all forums of printing and electronic media in Country by the Ministry of National Health Services and Coordination issuing new guidelines.

In print media including the journal, magasin, book and magazines, or any print publication, tobacco or tobacco products, are not permitted, except as provided for in Federal Excise Rules 2005, to advertise, support and endorse Tobacco or Tobacco products.

Similarly the promotion, promotion, and sponsorship of tobacco will not be permitted in movies or in theatres, such as mobile or mini movies, on TV or on radio, including cable TV or closed circuit TV, through images or silhouette, by a banner, or a poster made from paper, plastic, cloth or screens or electronic display of any other image or form of silhouette.

The government also stopped tobacco advertisement and promotion through branding on clothes or garments including caps and useable items, through hard or soft on store board or fascia affixed or mobile at point of sale either inside or outside or any other place. Tobacco advertisement and promotion will also be banned on out of home billboard, where fixed or mobile at point of sale either inside or outside or any other place.

The ministry has issued this notification in exercise of the powers conferred by section 7 of the Prohibition of Smoking and Protection of Non-Smokers Ordinance, 2002 (LXXIV of 2002) and in suppression of its previous notifications or orders on the issue and the Committee on Tobacco Advertisements Guidelines.

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