Watch:New Record of Making Art by Drilling 12,000 Holes in Egg

Hamet Hiren, the world’s most famous artist who made meaningful pictures of needle holes on eggs, set a new record by making 12,000 holes with a needle on a hen’s egg.

Even though they may be shocked to think how a person can make thousands of holes with a needle on a football-equivalent egg, Hameed has done that feat on a hen’s egg. Hamet is 62 years old now and was disabled in an accident in 1988.

After that he started creating images and artworks from eggs and now he has become a great expert. His masterpieces are sold worldwide.

On the other hand, they have now set a new record for drilling thousands of eggs. In this way, he broke a Pakistani artist’s record of 8708 holes and created a design with a total of 12,000 holes.

It has taken them more than a year to set this new record, but they do not reveal their secrets as to why an egg survives even after so many secrets. Generally, they remove the yellow and white cells contained in the chicken’s eggs through a syringe and empty them.

Later they start to create their craft after much thought. Hamet designs it first and carefully scans the eggs. On some of his masterpieces, 60 to 70% of the eggs disappear, and then the leftover skin appears in the form of a beautiful design or image.

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