JazzCash Launches Movie & Event Tickets

JazzCash recently launched films and event tickets within the JazzCash app and collaborated with EasyTickets –Pakistan’s leading entertainment e-ticketing company. After the successful launch of bus tickets and delivery services.

Users can now login and complete the ticketing process through the app in their JazzCash wallet. They can pay for tickets using their mobile account balance and integration in real-time. Tickets are issued immediately without the need for queues. EasyTickets’ self-service kiosks are placed at accessible locations inside the cinemas and events so users can print their tickets within seconds by simply scanning the QR code, without any hassle.

JazzCash is at the forefront of the digital payments revolution and we are on a mission to provide our customers the convenience of doing everything from the comfort of their homes. By disrupting the financial services space, we have not only gained the trust of our users but also set new benchmarks for the industry. We intend to continuously improve our services and expand our portfolio – this partnership with EasyTickets is a step towards that direction.

Muhammad Imran, Head of EasyTickets said,

We’re really excited to partner with JazzCash for the provision of seamless and real-time e-ticketing experience to JazzCash customers. Being the pioneering and leading e-ticketing provider with the largest inventory of buses, cinemas, and events in Pakistan, EasyTickets has always been on a mission to take e-ticketing experience to the next level. This partnership between JazzCash and EasyTickets is undoubtedly another step towards the digital sustainability of Pakistan.

azzCash Mobile Account is increasingly becoming popular in providing digital financial services to Pakistanis from all backgrounds. With a simplified USSD interface and Mobile App that is available for both iOS and Android devices, the account can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Since JazzCash is zero-rated for Jazz users, mobile account holders can take advantage of all services without any data charges. In the fast-developing e-commerce landscape, JazzCash aims towards the inclusion of all people by virtualizing access to services.

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