Pakistan and Turkey Planning to Issue Dual Nationality for Their Citizens

Pakistan plans to sign an agreement with Turkey to allow the two countries ‘ citizens to have dual citizenship, reports foreign media.

This was the result of the meeting between Ijaz Ahmad Shah and Ihsan Mustafa Yurdakul, Interior Minister of Pakistan, and the Turkish Ambassador to Islamabad.

According to the statement, the Turkish ambassador on behalf of his government proposed both countries sign an agreement to allow dual citizenship for their citizens.

“In response to this, the minister said the draft is under consideration and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is on board with us. We hope to reach a mutual conclusion soon,” it added. Shah also welcomed the establishment of mutual training programmes and the upgrading of law enforcement equipment with Turkey.

“The minister for the interior welcomed the initiative of introducing a patrolling force in collaboration with ICT Police based on the model of the Dolphin force introduced in Lahore,” the statement said.

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