Bahria Town Investors Fear their Life-Time Savings at Stake

Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) on Monday advised the management of Bahria Town to act sensibly as investors are fearing their life-time savings are at stake.

At a meeting with deep concern about the difficulties faced by the allottees and the representatives of Bahria Town, the Acting President Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry Arshad Islam and Chairman of the Subcommittee on Housing, Development & Real Estate, Karachi said that the Bahria Town management should have to act responsibly and must deal with the situation carefully.

They stressed that any problems concerning additional charges or irregularities in the Bahria Town project should be amicably resolved because this was not only an issue of serious concern for immobilizers, investors and Pakistanis in the overseas countries but also for thousands of masses of people who invested in various Bahria Town projects with hard earned resources and savings to enable them to end their businesses.

Nobody can afford to see Bahria Town sinking, as it would give a serious blow not just to Bahria Town but also to all the stakeholders including the perturbed allottees and investors therefore, any irregularities in this essential project must be cautiously rectified and relief has to be provided as per aspirations of the perturbed masses, they added.

“KCCI, under its policy of ‘Public Service’ introduced by Chairman BMG Siraj Kassam Teli intervenes in every single matter that directly or indirectly affects the business & industrial community or the citizens of this city”, Acting President KCCI Arshad Islam said, “We are neither against the management of Bahria Town nor favoring anyone but would be happy to see that the issue is amicably resolved which is in the larger interest of this city.”

The Chairman of the Subcommittee on Construction and Immovable Environment and Chairman KCCI stressed that Bahria City management must devise policies and policies to ensure that Bahia City’s activities continue continuously. Not only the city of Bahria but every other development company must strictly stop taking steps that badly shake public confidence and cause investments to drown.

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