Facebook Increases Parental Control Features in Messenger Kids App

Facebook Inc. said Tuesday that it plans to add new parental control tools and features to its message application for users under the age of 13 months after questions have been asked about the protection of children’s privacy apps.

The new features would allow parents to see the chat history of their children and to monitor accounts which are blocked or unblocked in the application, said the company.

Parents can also display the latest image or video in the app’s inbox and, if necessary, can delete it, added Facebook.

In August, Facebook recognized a flaw in Messenger Kids, allowing thousands of children to join the groupchat where their parents did not  all of the members of the group.

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Multiple governments have examined Facebook for child security safety protection in its suite of apps, particularly since it revealed last year that its message services are planned to include end-to-end encryption.

Lawmakers caution against strong encryption that blocks access to child abuse information to shield predators. Whether Messenger Kids will be included in the encryption program was not told by Facebook.

The company said on Tuesday it will also inform Messenger Kids users on the types of information others can see about them.

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