Oppo Smartwatch Rumoured to Be in the Works With ECG Support

It is rumored that Oppo smartwatch has developed a electrocardiogram (ECG) measurement technology. ECG tracking is said to be identical to the Apple Watch.

Oppo has announced its plans to launch smartwatches in the first quarter of this year alongside smart WiFi headphones and CPEs at its “Inno Day 2019” conference in Shenzhen last month. Also last year, Oppo Vice President Brian Shen took part in an excavation at Xiaomi’s Mi Watch for its Apple Watch concept

Weibo has a Chinese tipster that the smart clock from Oppo can calculate EGC. The tipster also said that the intelligent clock would be designed squarely.

Oppo won’t be the first company to bring an ECG smart clock. Last year, many smartwatches with similar features. The trend began with the Apple Watch Series 4, which had ECG measurement, which was activated last year in markets such as India. Three popular smartwatch models with ECG support are also the Apple Watch Series 5, Amazfit Verge 2 and Samsung Galaxy Active 2.

Oppo could therefore increase the market and make ECG calculation for new customers available through its ECG smartwatch.

Oppo Vice President Shen proposed his creation last year and stressed that the option of a rectangular dial over a circular dial would be advantageous. He said a rectangular dial offered a better space for a circular dial to display the contents.

There are no specifics to the tipster about the Oppo smartwatch launch. The Chinese company nevertheless announced last month at its conference in Inno Day 2019 that the Oppo smartwatches will make their debut in the first quarter of this year. We can presume that the new model of smartwatch will be released next month at MWC 2020.

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