Weight Loss With Portion Control: Part 2

Food portions

Here you’ll find an interactive portion guide and handy tips to help keep your diet balanced. After getting understanding with food groups now its turn to learn how to eat from every food group?

For this technique word PORTION used, means how much portion to be consumed from each group of food to achieve the target of weight loss.lets get start.

Eating a healthy balanced diet and maintaining a healthy weight isn’t just about what you eat it’s also about how much you eat.

You should eat a variety of food from different food groups to make sure you get all the nutrients you need. And eat a number of portions from each food group every day.

Do you know what a single portion of cheese looks like, or a single portion of chicken?

Knowing what a single portion of food actually looks like can be tricky. That’s why we’ve created an interactive portion size guide that shows you photos of what single portions of different types of food actually look like, to make serving the right portions easier.

Here first we need to learn about first food group which is Carbs, which contain Breads, Roti, Pasta, Potatoes, Rice.

What does one portion really look like?

Use our interactive guide below to find out the recommended portion sizes for different types of food.

You should eat a number of portions from each food group every day. The daily portions are based on a calorie intake for people who want to lose weigh.


Image result for one slice of bread calories"

One slice of bread counts as one of your daily portions of starchy foods. You can benefit from extra fibre, vitamins and minerals if you choose wholemeal, granary and seeded varieties.

one slice of bread is one portion means if any one want to eat 2 slice of breads thant consuming 2 portion of carbs in breakfast.


Image result for one cd size roti"
Image result for ROTI and cd"

Roti size should be like a size of a cd. if you have kitchen sale at home so rotti can alos be measured by wieght of it and should be 30 grams when cooked.

One cd size rotti is equal to one portion of carbs. its totally depends on you if you like to have a slice of bread or rotti in breakfast. further you will learn how much total portions of carbs yo need to cunsum in a day to loss weight.

Cooked Pasta

Image result for pasta"

Two tablespoons of cooked pasta, or one handful of uncooked pasta, counts as one of your daily portions of starchy foods. If you’re a pasta-lover, choose wholegrain options where possible for extra fibre, vitamins and minerals.


Image result for 6 table spoon of rice"

Enjoy six tablespoons of rice as a portion of starchy food. Brown rice is recommended as a healthier option as it contains more fiber, vitamins and minerals than non-wholegrain options. Good news is Palao is also include in rice not only boiled rice recommended. No metter its chicken palao or beryani cooked in home, just take your portion and enjoy.


Image result for raw egg and potatoes"

Yes potatoes are also include in carbs as it contain high level of carbohydrates. 60- 80 grams of potatoes are one portion of carbs. For making it easy 2 egg size potato is equal to one portion of carbs. Potatoes can be boiled and baked even air frayed.

Recommended Daily Portions Of Cabrbs

Food group: Potatoes, bread, rice, pasta, and other starchy carbohydrates

Women: 6 portions

Men: 7 portions

Its whole depends on you how you want to consume in breakfast, lunch and dinner. It seems very easy to divide portions in 3 parts, simply 2 slice of breads 2 portion of carbs and further two in lunch. If rice cooked you can take 12 tablespoon of rice as two portions of carbs as same for dinner.

What Are Whole Grains?

Illustration Of Whole Wheat Kernel

The outer shell, or “bran,” of a kernel of wheat, rice, barley, or other grain is full of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Fiber helps you feel full on fewer calories and keeps your bathroom visits regular. But to make white (refined) flour from a kernel of wheat, food makers get rid of the bran. With it goes much of the fiber and vitamins.

Coming up next:

Portions of protein and its types.

common objects to gauge portion size

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