Foreign driving licences are valid in Islamabad now

Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered the authorities concerned to consider other countries ‘ driving licences. In response to hundreds of requests submitted by expatriates in the Portal of the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister released the Directive.

In response to the directive, Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) issued an order, asking all staff, including deputy superintendents of traffic police, to accept driving licences issued by other countries.

The order further stated that the ITP staff should not fine drivers holding valid foreign driving licences.

It was for the first time that foreign driving licences were being accepted here, SP Rasheed said, adding that licences issued by the ITP were also accepted in some countries.

Earlier, those who did not possess local driving licences were fined, SP Rasheed said, adding that expatriates, who were visiting the country for a limited period, faced inconvenience while driving in the capital despite having licences from the country of their residence.

Besides it took them 40 days to acquire a licence from the ITP, he added.

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