Weight Loss With Portion Control; Third Food Group Part 4

Third food group holds all dairy products like milk, yogurt and cheese that give your body calcium and other important vitamins.

Look for low-fat versions where you can and choose unsweetened yoghurts and milks. If you don’t drink milk or eat dairy foods, it’s a good to use a milk substitute like soya milk, with added calcium go for the unsweetened versions. The fat content varies a lot between foods in this group. Choose lower-fat versions when you can. Lets get know about portion of that food group.

Milk, How Much is One Portion of Milk?

One small glass (200ml) of semi skimmed or skimmed milk, or alternative.

One portion of milk

Normally we do not have a measuring tools at home to measure the exact quantity of food in our kitchen, but best part of portion control that it gives best visualizing of food quantity. As its clear in picture milk should be 3/4 of glass (little bit more than half glass). No meter if you have using big size glass or small size of glass. Same you can enjoy milkshakes as well, but its will more clear when to learn how much fruit you can enjoy in portion control. so stay tune for amazing combination of food and recipes.

How Much is One Portion of Yogurt?

Four tablespoons of low-fat natural yogurt.

One portion of low fat natural yoghurt

Three tablespoons of natural yogurt.

One portion of low fat natural yoghurt

Two teaspoons of creme fraiche, or six teaspoons (two tablespoons) of low-fat creme fraiche. It is a dairy product, a soured cream containing 10 45% butterfat, with a pH of approximately 4.5. It is soured with a bacterial culture. 

One portion of creme fraiche

How much is one portion of cheese?

yes, you can enjoy cheese as well, it will leave you in amaze to know that you can still enjoy pizza while doing portion control. stay connected for pizza recipe if you want to loss weight while eating like normal eating routine.

One index finger length, fingertip height, of cheese (Preferably lower fat – Brie, Camembert or Edam).

One portion of cheese

Two tablespoons of reduced-fat or low-fat cream cheese.

One portion of lowfat cream cheese

One tablespoon of cream cheese.

One portion of cream cheese

Three tablespoons of cottage cheese.

One portion of cottage cheese

How Much to Consume From Dairy a Day?

  • Women: 3 portions
  • Men: 3 portions

3 portions tells us that you can enjoy 3/4 glass of milk 3 time a day, even can enjoy tea if not want milk much. Eat yogurt 3 times a day and even enjoy cheese. Under this way of eating a person is getting all need of nutrients to keep health maintain and still losing weight.

Handy Tip: if we summing up all foo group till now, we get to know that in breakfast one slice of bread ( if want to eat roti its up to up, but it should be cd size), 2 eggs (protein food group), 200ml milk ( dairy) its a ideal breakfast to get complete energy to start a good day. More interesting recipes are on way to reset your food habits.

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