Int’l Puppet Festival Starts in Karachi Today

29th international three-day puppet festival will start in Karachi today (Friday).

The famous artist and author Saadan Peerzada announced that first time after 1976 the three-day 29th International puppet festival will be kicked off at Bagh-e-Ibne Qasim under the flag of Peer Rafi Theater.

Talking to a private news channel he stated the puppet show starting from 7th February (Today), would be for entertainment and education purpose altogether. People of Karachi had waited for this entertainment gala since 1976 when he brought the puppet art in Karachi but soon shifted the whole crew to Lahore as conditions were more conducive there.

Karachi’s social environment was not conducive and safe for the art activities back in late 70s and 80s, so we went to Lahore as the city had a spacious and well equipped art complex, he recalled.

Famous artist and author Rafi Peerzada briefed the newsmen about the festival.

He said the puppet show is for entertainment and education purpose and will exhibit puppets from all over the world while old styled and contemporary puppets will also be part of the shows.

The festival organizers have also included traditional Rajhistani puppets.

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