Apple visualize a Mac made from a sheet of curved glass

Apple’s notorious Mac designs are exploring, but its last may be more attractive than most. The company applied for a patent on a Mac desktop with a single curved sheet of glass on the main body-a rear wedge could supported both the house-processing components and the design.

A pitch in the bottom middle will allow you to slot a keyboard and even allow Apple to change the curve to alter the angle of the monitor or fold it off

One section of the patent imagines sliding a MacBook’s keyboard section through the slot, suggesting this design could also be used for a laptop dock instead of a full-fledged computer.

This isn’t a roadmap for Apple–if anything, we wouldn’t expect a curved glass Mac as this one will arrive soon. Technical constraints could be overcome, such as display adjustment (folding handsets are just one thing, let alone desktops), and Apple can simply decide that a’ safer’ design like the present iMac is enough.

This patent application, though, makes it clear that Apple’s design process is able to radically upgrade Macs from mobile if and where that makes sense.

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