Edhi Foundation Seeks Permission from Govt to Evacuate Pakistani Students From Wuhan

The Abdul Sattar Edhi Foundation had planned to evacuate the Pakistani students stranded at Chinese Wuhan City by arranging chartered flights.

In that context, the charitable organization formally asked for the permission of the government and wrote a letter to Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

In his message, Faisal Edhi, the charity’s managing administrator, asked the Minister of Foreign Affairs that many Pakistani Students were at the doorstep of Wuhan of Chinese province Hubei.

“The Pakistani students are in our contact and we want them to evacuate from China,” Edhi  writes in the  letter. 

He said that coronavirus has been spreading rapidly and because of it, Pakistani students were suffering from stress and facing an acute food shortage. “Most of Pakistani students are not infected and we can save them.”

Edhi said that the charity wants to evacuate the students from Wuhan city as many countries, including India, Bangladesh, and Srilanka, have brought back their residents to their countries.

He asked the federal government to grant permission to the charity to bring back the Pakistani students to the country and identify the area where the students will be quarantined until coronavirus became negative.

Upon the government’s permission, Edhi Foundation can contact airlines and arrange chartered flights to evacuate the students at the earliest, he said.

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