Pakistan Bans Import of Animals, Birds Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

As a precautionary measure against the latest coronavirus outbreak, Pakistan has immediately banned the import of all types of animals and birds. The ban was levied by the Ministry of Commerce and notified on the advice of the Ministry of Health.

As per details, a letter has also been issued to the quarantine department for the prevention of coronavirus. Due to the imposition of ban poultry feeds imported from China will not arrive in Pakistan, whereas skimmed and meat products are also banned.

The endangered pangolin may be the link that facilitated the spread of the novel coronavirus across China, Chinese scientists said Friday. At least 31,000 people have been infected and 630 killed by the novel coronavirus, which has spread to two dozen countries.

Researchers at the South China Agricultural University have identified pangolin as a “potential intermediate host,” the university said in a statement, without providing further details.

The new virus, which emerged at a live animal market in central China’s Wuhan city late last year, is believed to have originated in bats, but researchers have suggested there could have been an “intermediate host” in the transmission to humans.

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