Microsoft’s Redesigned Office Apps for iOS are More Faster and Simpler

Microsoft fulfills its commitment to make up for its mobile Office software. The new versions of Excel, PowerPoint, and Word for iOS (and iPadOS) have just been released, all of which are “easier, faster and more beautiful.” In fact, this is another way of saying that you have a consistent look at an interface which helps you edit documents quickly when you’re away.

There isn’t a surfeit of new features. The largest changes are to Excel, where a newly available XLOOKUP function helps you find cell data. You can also read and respond to comments directly from email.

And whichever app you’re using, there’s a new alt text pane that helps you add captions and mark elements as decorative. The spruced-up interface is really the centerpiece here –the new capabilities are mostly nice-to-have perks.

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