Pictures:How Tokyo is Preparing in Case a Massive Earthquake Hits 2020 Olympics

The ground is shaking violously, causing city harm and widespread panic as well as several casualties without warning the 7.3 magnitude earthquake rips through Tokyo Bay.

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Fortunately, this is just an imagined scenario at a disaster drill carried out just before Christmas, as Tokyo 2020 organisers prepare for the worst, while hoping they will never have to do it for real.

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“There has been an earthquake. Please stay calm and protect yourself. This venue is safe,” the advice crackles. “Taking action in a panic may lead to danger. Please stay calm and follow the staff’s instructions. The elevators may not be used.”

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First aid emergency Within minutes, blue Tokyo fire department officers are streaming into the stadium in white helmets.

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Fifteen minutes later, troops from the Japanese self-defence forces in military uniform burst into the venue and are briefed on the situation as the evacuation gathers pace.

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Dozens of spectators, including the walking wounded and those in wheelchairs, are evacuated through the wide boulevards of the Tokyo Bay area, but efforts are hampered by a 6.0-magnitude aftershock at 10:30am.

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Japan experiences thousands of tremors per year of varying sizes and the vast majority cause little or no damage, with emergency services well drilled.

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