Are you Depressed?Diagnosis of Depression, Now Possible Through a Blood Test

Japanese scientists have revealed that a blood test can be very helpful in diagnosing depression.

Diagnosing depression is a very difficult process. The patient may never admit that he has suffered from depression, depression. The patient’s family also finds that when the disease has completely overcome human behavior, mood and thinking.

The psychologist assesses the patient’s level of behavior and lifestyle, which often leads to mistake. Until now there was no medical test that could inform clinicians of the diagnosis or level of depression.

After a long observation and experiments with his colleagues, Japanese scientist Professor Keniyaki has proven that a certain type of amino acid “tryptophan” can help to diagnose depression. This test can detect the level or level of anthranilic acid in the blood, which can diagnose depression and assess its severity.

Depression and inflammation have been described in several research articles previously. Experts have termed inflammation and irritation the root of clinical depression and several medical tests available to diagnose it. One of these methods is also “KYN”.

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