Samsung Starts Taking Pre-Orders for The Galaxy S20 Series in Pakistan

The new Samsung Galaxy S20 line-up was launched earlier today and pre-order in Pakistan has already started. There is not a expected delivery date yet, but expect it to be received by you in March when it is worldwide.

Prices of Phone

All 3 models in the S20 lineup are available for pre-order in Pakistan, which was not the case with last year’s S10. The following are the pre-order prices and free stuff that you get with each model.

1-Samsung Galaxy S20 (8GB / 128GB) + Free Smart Band and Tripod – Rs. 164,999/-

2-Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus (8GB / 128GB) + Free Smart Band, Wireless Battery Pack & Tripod – Rs. 184,999/-

3-Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (12GB / 128GB) + Free Smart Band, Galaxy Buds Plus & Tripod – Rs. 219,999/-

Where to Pre-order?

The Galaxy S20 pre-orders are being taken both online and in-store as well. You can pre-order through any of the following sites. Note that some of the pre-order pages aren’t working properly.

Stay tune for further phone specifications.

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