Islamabad High Court Bans use of Violence Under Children 12 at Schools

The High Court suspended a provision of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) until further notice, enabling parents, guardian and teacher “in good faith to benefit” from corporal punishment. On Thursday, Islamabad High Court

In the IHC’s request for a ban on the use of violence as a means of disciplining children in school, a singer and human-rights activist Shehzad Roy called for.

In his petition, Roy argued that Section 89 of the PPC allows for use of violence and force against children.

“Last year, a child passed away because of the use of corporal punishment in a school in Lahore,” Roy’s lawyer told the court while adding that the matter of abolishing the use of corporal punishment was of public interest.

The lawyer, while explaining the reason for Roy’s interest in the matter, said that the singer-turned-activist has established an organisation for educational reforms.

“The parliament also passed some bill on the matter as well,” IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah, who was hearing the case, recalled.

“We want that the use of corporal punishment is banned while the parliament goes about making laws on the matter,” the lawyer responded while adding that corporal punishment has extremely adverse effects on children’s mental and physical health.

Later, taking to Twitter, he express his gratitude;

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