Pictures: Saudi Arabia Shivers in Worst Cold Spell Since 2016

The coldest weather in Saudi Arabia since 2016, meteorologists said on Thursday, and the temperature in the past two days has fallen below freezing.

At Tarif on the Jordan border, weather forecasts show the temperature dropped minus 5 ° C (23 ° Fahrenheit). In Hail it went southeast to less than three, and in Arar to the border of Iraq to less than 2, respectively.

In the capital Riyadh, the temperature dipped close to zero and the streets were deserted Tuesday and Wednesday nights. The desert kingdom is known for its extreme heat, particularly during summer.

“The country is experiencing its most intense cold snap since 2016,” Hassan Abdallah from the Wasm meteorological centre, told AFP Thursday.

In neighbouring Iraq, where summers are also scorching, Baghdad residents woke up Tuesday to find the city carpeted in white from only its second snowfall in a century.

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