The Decision to Release the Movie “The Hunt” Targeting President Trump; Watch

New York is releasing a movie called “The Hunt”, based on President Trump’s prejudice and racist remarks and policies. The film reflects an American society in which elites consider the common American as a game. The film was supposed to release in September last year, but was delayed due to criticism of the ruling Republican party.

The Republican party has termed the film as ‘racist’. President Donald Trump criticized the tweet, saying that the film was made to spread misconduct. The real racists are themselves, and they are dangerous to our country.

Universal Pictures has set a film release date of February 13th. According to Universal, this is the right time to release the film. Universal Pictures made the decision after the recent shootings in Ohio, Texas and California.

The state of California has the highest number of shootings in which one person fired several shots at people and killed many. Film producer Jason Blum said in an interview that no one was supported while filming Viewers understand that this is a satirical film.

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