See Best Photo from Animal Photo Competition

This year, a unique and totally different picture was presented at the Animal Image Contest in which a repetitive and snatchy snack could be seen on a food item between two rats.

This photo has been voted specially by viewers around the world and has been awarded the Lumix People’s Choice Award. In this picture, called the station squabble, two rats were interfering with a passenger’s hand on a railway platform. Such scenes occur every day, but in filming it, photographer Sam Rowley has spent five nights waking up.

28,000 people voted for the best photograph picture, in which two mice can be seen in the dim light at night. The station is located in central London. Sam said he is involved with the BBC’s Natural History Photography and that urban life and wildlife are his favorite topics.

He said that these mice do not see the sunlight and die within a year or two because they have nothing to eat and because of the high number of mice, there is a severe competition.

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