Apple Thinking to Developing its own 5G Antenna for 2020 iPhones

This fall, after a deal last year with Qualcomm, Apple is expected to launch its first 5 G iPhone with Qualcomm ‘ s X55 modem.

The iPhone manufacturer aims to reduce its reliance on the hardware of Qualcomm and design its own 5 G antenna, according to a new report released by the Fast Company.

The main problem is that Qualcomm’s QTM525, which enables a 5 G version of mmWave, is too large for the stylish design of iPhones.

Hence, Apple is reportedly working on developing its own, in-house antenna system that would be a better fit for iPhone design.

There is an immense need for an antenna in mmWave technology because 5G smartphones require multiple mmWave antennas to ensure good connectivity.

Nothing is confirmed yet but the company is working on two designs; a thinner one using Apple-made antennas, and a thicker one that would feature Qualcomm’s.

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