Xiaomi’s Present Clip-on External Cooling Fan for Smartphones

At Xiaomi Mi 10 case, Xiaomi revealed an optional clip-on fan. Now, the supplier is sold for € 129 (~$19) via the official website of the company in China. In just two seconds, the plug will cool down your device.

Xiaomi cooling fan

The clip-on external ‘Ice’ cooling fan for the Mi 10 comes with 5 leaves and operates at 6000rpm. Xiaomi says that the fan is pretty quiet, generating only around 30dB of noise. It takes a power input of 5V 2A via the onboard USB-C port. While the company is marketing this as a cooling accessory for the Mi 10 series, Xiaomi says it can clip onto any phone with a width between 67-88mm.

Xiaomi cooling fan2

Once the external fan is clipped on to the phone and connected to a power source, it can bring down the temperature of the phone within two seconds.

There are air ducts on both sides allowing adequate airflow to keep the temperature down. Xiaomi says that the fan can cool the smartphone by up to 10 degrees even while gaming, making sure that you can extend your gameplay for hours.

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