German Bakery Selling Black Face Pastries Stirs Racism Debate

The selling of dark-glazed pastries with exaggerated face characters in the local media has been stormed in a bakery in the West German Cologne area.

The pastry is glazed with chocolate with eyes, nose and thick red lips and even bones over their heads or funny hats.

The pastry, now known as ‘Schokokuss’ (Chocolate Kiss) is popular in Germany, particularly during Carnival every February.

Formerly known as ‘Mohrenkopf’ (‘Moorish head’), the name of the pastry was altered because of its racialized reference to Muslim inhabitants across what is now Europe and North Africa during the Middle Ages.

This year’s supply has stirred debates on social media after author and columnist Jasmina Kuhnke, or Quattromilf as she is known on Twitter, posted a picture of the pastries after a friend sent her a photo.

“Dear Café Konfiserie Fromme, your pastries disgust me!” Kuhnke wrote, adding that, “no, the white ones are not intended to represent balance, they represent North Africans.”

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