Health Alert: Countrywide Anti-Polio Campaign Begins Today

A national five-day anti-polio campaign to vaccinate more than 39.4 million children from today (Monday).

The vaccination drive will be extended to seven days in more sensitive areas from 17-21 February, according to sources.

Roughly 2,65,000 anti-polio workers will take part in the country’s drive. 6.7 million children under five years of age receive vaccine in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

19.9 million children in Punjab, 9.26 million children in Sindh and 2.46 mln in Balokistan will be administered polio vaccine in the vaccination campaign.

In Islamabad the vaccine will be administered for 3,56,000 children, in Azad Kashmir for 6,90,000 and in Gilgit-Baltistan for 2,40,000 children below age five. On 18 February, UN Secretary General also administers child policing vaccines in Lahore.

According to reports overall count of polio cases across the country had reached 134 in 2019 with 91 cases in KP, 24 cases in Sindh, eight in Punjab and 11 in Balochistan.

In the new year so far 17 polio cases have been reported across the country.

Terming polio eradication as a national cause and a collective responsibility, government officials have  urged all segments of the society, donor agencies and government institutions, to make coordinated efforts to save the future generations from life-long disabilities.

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