Huawei will Announce a New Foldable at its Virtual Press Conference in Barcelona on Feb 24

Huawei officially confirmed that on February 24, at 3PM CET, it will hold a virtual press conference in Barcelona, Spain, which makes it the first company to officially confirm an event in Barcelona following the cancelation of the GSMA MWC 2020. It is called by the company a virtual press conference as a pre-recorded keynote is being screened at the Barcelona event followed by an on-site demo experience.

In addition to this, Gizmochina has learned that Huawei will announce its new Foldable smartphone at the event. We can confirm that this won’t be the Huawei Mate X foldable that was announced last year. So, it’s a brand new foldable model that will be launched and showcased at the event in Barcelona. The company also plans to announce a few other consumer tech products at the same event.

Unfortunately, we are not sure of the identity of the new foldable. It could be the Huawei Mate XS model that was mentioned in 2019. Huawei’s CEO, Richard Yu had confirmed last year that the Mate XS will feature a better processor (Kirin 990 5G), an improved display and an upgraded hinge mechanism. The Mate XS is also expected to feature some changes in its design that’ll make it more compact and durable.

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