Photos: Saudi Women join a local ‘Baloot’ card-playing competition for the first time

Baloot, is a popular trick card game played in Arab countries in the Persian Gulf region, which is similar to the French game.

There are four players in partnerships of two teams. A standard 32-card set is used, eight for each player. There are two ways of playing “Judges suit, (Hokom)‎” and “Sǔn.

In history, Women took part in this local Baloot game with man in saudi arab, Riyadh, see the pictures.

WEB 200217 SAUDI BALOOT-1581929960709
WEB 200217 SAUDI BALOOT433-1581929934728
WEB 200217 SAUDI BALOOT1-1581929928039
WEB 200217 SAUDI BALOOT332-1581929957580

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