UAE’s First Floating Solar Power Plant Launched in Abu Dhabi

The floating solar panels will supply a further 80 kilowatt of solar energy in the nearby Zaya Nurai resort off Nurai Island, 15 minutes ‘ boat ride from the UAE capitals, where 1000 kilowatts of rooftop and solar photovoltaic (PV) systems already operate. The project seeks to pave the way to floating solutions in renewable energy in the Emirate countries.

Feras Shadid, Head of the Off-grid Division at Enerwhere said,

“We wanted to build solar systems on the island without jeopardising the beach space that many tourists enjoy. Our solution was utilising the sea, which we have in abundance. Floating solar plants are complex as there are many integral factors such as the dimensions of the structure and the availability of a connection point. The project is expected to be commissioned on Monday or during the coming few days.”

Abu Dhabi has around 150 islands that could benefit from floating renewable energy solutions,” Shadid added.

“We need to cater to the needs of those islands. Our next target as well is the World Islands in Dubai. These places primarily use diesel and we hope that through the success of our project in Nurai Island, we can promote more sustainable options for those islands. Considering that we are a UAE-based company, we do ensure that our projects begin locally, however we do have aspirations to take this project to the Maldives and Seychelles as well.”

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