Watch: Oclean X Pro, The First Smartest Sonic Toothbrush with Artificial Intelligence

The Chinese company Oclean wants to show us how we can maintain our perfect oral hygiene, while technology is made available in a really interesting and innovative product. Oclean X Pro is the world’s smartest toothbrush that has Intuitive color and touchscreen with all the information that you need for a healthier, happier smile.

The Oclean X Pro has a small 0.96-inch color touch screen that gives you all the information you need to brush your teeth. It shows whether you have cleaned your teeth evenly, ie it follows the cleaning, gives you instructions on how to clean your teeth, or you can set the vibration intensity on it.

By monitoring the cleaning, the brush can alert you to the so-called blind zones, the areas you neglect most during cleaning. The Oclean X Pro Sonic Toothbrush will be navy blue in dimensions of 243.5 x 24.4 millimeters and weighs around 100 grams. The durability is IPX7 certified and the brush operating system is known as Oclean OS.

The brush is also equipped with an automatic movement reduction function when it detects that you brush your teeth too long or very intensively. This function is intended to prevent injury, bleeding and other inconveniences associated with very intense brushing.

Brushes move at 42,000 strokes per minute, which, according to the manufacturer, is 13,000% faster than brushing your teeth manually. The brush offers four cleaning modes, namely bleaching, sensitive teeth mode, classic cleaning and massage mode.

The secret weapon of the brush is to be a 6-axis gyroscope that monitors brush movement and immediately informs you about the correctness of your brushing technique. The brush even offers a sort of scoring system to get the motivation not only to brush your teeth regularly but also correctly.

The app will reveal blind zone information, offer a brush cleaning report, or a personalized cleaning schedule (based on gender, age, tooth condition, and personal habits), create family-friendly profiles, and monitor brush life. The app will be available for both iOS and Android and will communicate with your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.2.

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