LHC Strikes Down 8pc Increase in Fee of Private Schools, How Much Increment Allowed?

The Lahore High Court on Tuesday struck down eight per cent increase in fee made by private schools from January 2019 being in violation of Supreme Court’s June 12, 2019 judgment, however, they are allowed five per cent annual increase in July 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Judge Sethi has partially declared the DRA to be illegal and amended in the term of the apex court ruling. The private schools and parents/ students shall have the duty to comply with the apex court guidelines and shall facilitate the process of implementing the decision in both the letter and the spirit.

The DRA would also create complaint cells for the potential grievances from the parties, the tribunal agreed to settle many petitions from students, parents and the administration of private schools.

Parents had challenged the decision by private schools to receive excessive fees and argued that private schools were infringing orders of the Supreme Court (SC) by taking excessive fees. Counsel Azhar Siddique of the petitioners argued that parents and students had difficulties because of exorbitant fees paid by private schools.

He prayed to the court to restrain private educational institutions from collecting exorbitant fees and immediately declare the decision as illegal.

Private schools administration had also approached LHC, complaining that DRA was wrongly interpreting SC’s order and they were entitled to 8 per cent increases three times from July 2017 to 2019.

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