Watch: KFC Teamed Up with Crocs to Make Some Seriously Chicken Shoes

It is the first shoe to ever trigger our reflex “fight or flight,” which is cool as well as awesome. The tops behave like a slice of fried chicken with a crispy breading, while the soles look unmistakably similar to the well-known KFC chicken bucket.

And yes, if you were wondering if those two pieces of chicken are part of the shoes, they unfortunately are. Per the website, “Each pair of co-branded footwear comes with two Jibbitz charms made to resemble and smell like fried chicken.” Please do not eat them.

For anyone who’s ever wanted to stick their feet in some fried chicken, well, now is your time. For the rest of us, we’ll just be over here staring out the window in a sober reflection of what life on earth has become. 

According to the press release, the KFC Crocs will be priced at $59.99, and “fans” can sign up at to be notified when the limited edition fried footwear is available, which will be sometime this spring. 

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