Burger King Present Burger Wrapped with Mold Hopes People Will Love it

New Whopper without preservatives was introduced by the hamburger chain. Whopper is coated in mold in the forest, rotting while the green mushroom is consumed.

The unconventional marketing effort includes a Television advertising showing the natural Whopper slowly rotting over 34 days while the 1959 soul singer Dina Washington hit “What a Difference A Day Makes” in the background. Deliberately absent are food colors and special effects commonly used to make meals in restaurants and their ingredients seem appetizing in commercials. At the end of the 45-second spot, Whopper turned into a green and blue mess.

“The beauty of no artificial preservatives”, says the motto of the announcement.

The moldy Whopper may sound disgusting, but Restaurant Brands International (QSR), who owns Burger King, is betting that customers crave healthier, more organic ingredients. Just over half of Millennials and 57% of Millennial parents reported buying more organic products now than they did five years earlier, according to a September YouGov analysis commissioned by Whole Foods.

“We believe that real food tastes better,” said Fernando Machado, Chief Marketing Officer of Global Brands International. “That’s why we are working hard to remove preservatives, colors and flavors from artificial sources from the food we serve in all countries of the world.”

“The product is already available in over 400 restaurants in the country and will reach all restaurants later in the year,” said Finazzo in a statement.

McDonald’s stopped using preservatives in some of its hamburger ingredients in 2018, two years after removing antibiotics from its chicken supply chain.

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