Watch: Honda’s Latest App “Log R” Helps to Drive Smooth” Check Further Details

Honda  introduced a new data logging app to provide drivers with a lot of information on their track abilities. Excluding new 2020 Type R civics, LogR provides information on 15 data points for producing an overall driver smoothness ranking, such as lap times, acceleration, braking and steering.

All the interaction takes place through the vehicle’s display screen, with more in-depth stats given once the phone has been unplugged from the car. Here, you’ll be able to see info on previous drives, performance traces and replays using GPS mapping.

The app is available for iPhone and Android users, and is slated for release sometime this spring.

Clearly, the audience for LogR is limited — it’s only initially available for the Civic Type R, and then it’s only useful for those that will be taking their car out on the track.

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