Arif Alvi Announces Honorary Citizenship for Peshawar Zalmi Captain Sammy

President Dr Sammy Saturday, in appreciation of his most significant role in restoring international crickets in Pakistan and of his love for the country, announced the honorary citizenship and the highest civil award for Peshawar Zalmi Captain, Darren Sammy.

The Pakistan Cricket Board tweeted that the President had announced honorary citizenship and the highest civilian award for Darren Sammy for his distinguished reputation and outstanding service to Pakistan cricket.

Javed Afridi, Chairman of Peshawar Zalmi said that Darren Sammy, who loved Pakistan, had been promised the highest civilian award and Pakistani citizenship which were proud moments for Peshawar Zalmi as well as cricket fans across the country.

In his Twitter message, Javed Afridi said “The decision to give Darren Sammy the highest civilian award in Pakistan is truly a reflection of the feelings of the lovers of cricket and Pakistan.

Indeed, the services of this impeccable man are unforgettable for cricket’s return to Pakistan.”

In Pakistan cricket history, this honor came in the part of Peshawar Zalmi, whose captain Darren Sami was awarded the highest civilian award by the government of Pakistan, he added.

“We are thankful to the Almighty Allah and grateful to the government of Pakistan as well as our fans,” he said. In the PSL-II final, Peshawar Zalmi’s entire squad came to Lahore under the leadership of Darren Sammy and in the final where Peshawar Zalmi achieved a historic success, Darren Sammy and Peshawar Zalmi made great strides in restoring international cricket in Pakistan.

Darren Sammy lives in the heart of Pakistani fans through his Pashto and Urdu tweets. The man who made West Indies the Champions of T20 World cup is now called as Darren Sammy Khan by his Pakistani fans.

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