Did You Know How to Check If Your Home Milk is Adulterated or Not?

As per details, the PFA discarded 4,600 litres of adulterated milk during checking in Lahore during snap checking in the city yesterday on Friday.

As many as 1,562 vehicles loaded with approximately 17,500 litres of milk were checked during the drive, from which 4,600 litres were found extremely low in LR level and mixed with water.

The daily diet without milk for most of us is almost unthinkable. But the milk we take isn’t pure every time. Whether it is milk manufacturers or even the most respectable milk brands there is widespread adulteration. Is there new, nutritious and non-adulterated milk longing? Don’t be afraid, as we provide a practical guide to how you can see if the milk you buy matches or is not.

Give your sense organs a sniff check

The bad taste and smell of organic milk can be easily identified. Sniff is everything you have to do! When you feel a soapy odor and when rubbed with your fingers it feels soapy, milk is made through a mixing of chemicals.


Pure milk is naturally sweet. If the milk in your fridge tastes bitter or sour, then it is either stale or has possibilities of being adulterated with detergent and soda.

Water check

Water in milk may not be bad for your health but definitely for your pocket. All you need to do is to let it flow. Put a drop of milk on any slanted surface and let it flow down. If the milk leaves a trail behind, it’s not pure.

Image result for If the milk leaves a trail behind, it’s not pure.

Starch in milk

If you buy milk from a local vendor, then there are chances that your local ‘doodh wala bhaiya’ might end up adding starch in the milk! To check the same, just add 2 tablespoons of salt to 5 ml of milk. If the mixture turns blue, then the milk is adulterated.

Image result for If the milk leaves a trail behind, it’s not pure.

Urea..the milk clone

One of the most common forms of adulteration is with urea since it doesn’t change the taste and is difficult to detect. Urea is dangerous.

Mix half tbsp of milk and soybean powder together and shake well. Dip a litmus paper for few seconds and if there is a color change from red to blue then it means the milk has urea.

Image result for urea milk test

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