Gul Ahmed Copied Work Of Gul Khan Truck Art

After copying the designs of various artists, the famous Gul Ahmed brand came under fire. The artist, Shehzil Malik, who is a proud feminist and designer copied designs first of all.

Shehzil Malik posted, “Ah, today its Gul Ahmed who have stolen my artwork. One is literally my display picture on their kurta, the other is my Brown is Beautiful artwork. Are these design teams not aware that they are stealing from a local artist? I am at a loss.

The controversy does not end here another artist Ali Gul from Gul Khan Truck Art posted another case of plagiarism. Gul Khan Truck Art is well-known for producing design for home decor brand that represent beautiful cultural artwork of Pakistan.

Ali Gul took to social media and posted, “Bringing another fresh case of creative plagiarism! Since it is not an Indian copy, the brand decided to copy our logo as is (because it’s a Pakistani brand and they are powerful) on one of their signature series without taking our consent or even having the courtesy to give us any credit for inspiration at all.”

He accused that Gul Ahmed has copied their logo and wrote,

Our brand, Gul Khan Truck Art Art is an endeavour to revive truck art locally and internationally, we have put in tremendous amount of effort in bringing it to an acceptance level. Gul Ahmed has copied our logo and printing it on their clothing line! Only we know what it has taken to build it! The creative and production team at Gul Ahmed has simply copied it! Not only this is ethically wrong but it also is a food for thought for all of us, why can’t we come up with original aesthetics! I’m sure Gul Ahmed is paying handsome salaries to the teams behind this, but it really is a question mark on their competence.”

He further added,

“It’s highly disappointing not only from creative aspect but also for a mainstream brand such as Gul Ahmed to not be able to follow ethical practices and diluting SMEs efforts. Such a disgrace! We want this removed and demand a written apology before we take it up legally! Just because it’s a small brand does not imply we do not have voice! Please help us in anyway possible! Share so at least there is a direction for setting ethical practices and stopping creative copy paste!”

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