Pakistan has a Cure for Coronavirus

Pakistan has effective drug for COVID-19, Over 300,000 pieces exported to China, an article published by Economic Daily – China Economic Net (CEN) on February 21 has got 5.71 million page views on and 38,000 likes.

In almost 10,000 comments and many thanks also to the help of Pakistani friends, some networks wanted to find out the hero who was in the backdrop of the scenes and dispensed effective drugs at a Bayer subsidiary in Pakistan, which was mentioned in the article by the reporter of the CEN.

On February 20th, after noticing that the official Weibo account of Bayer China said it had made an emergency deployment of chloroquine phosphate tablets in Pakistan at the beginning of this month, CEN reporter quickly contacted to verify the matter. The official Weibo account of Bayer China confirmed the news and said that the batch of medicines was completed in 24 hours. 200,000 of the 300,000 tablets were “sold” to Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited (GPHL) at zero yuan.

Earlier, Economic Daily reported that on February 5th, GPHL first purchased 15,000 tablets of chloroquine phosphate in Pakistan through various channels, and then purchased another 200,000 tablets. The drugs arrived in Guangzhou at 7:00 p.m. on February 8th.

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