HTC Aimed to Release its First 5G Phone in 2020

In an interview, Yves Maitre, CEO of HTC said that it would ship its first 5 G phone sometime in 2020. He provided no hints as regards the specifications, even if high-end models come first. Since MediaTek and Qualcomm have both 5 G compatible processors for mid-level calls, HTC does not need to unveil a flagship.

Whether or not HTC can still make a splash is another matter. As XDAobserved, the company is nowhere near its heyday and hasn’t released a top-end device since the U12+ in 2018. It’s now known for budget or niche devices like its Bitcoin-focused Exodus 1s. However, the 5G news suggests that HTC is still committed to phones — even if they’re not as important to the company’s bottom line as they were a few years ago.

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