Facebook Launches Creator Studio Mobile App

Facebook also announced the launch of the iOS and Android Creator Studio software to assist users in page content management and performance monitoring. This is the first time that Facebook’s Creator Studio has had a mobile app designed to help make the desktop app more robust.

The app can manage your content and keep track of your activities just like its desktop equivalent. It can also connect with their audiences. The difference is that they can now do so from mobile.

The mobile version of Creator Studio doesn’t offer the full set of features available in its desktop counterpart. Although it does have some useful capabilities for page managers on the go.

Facebook’s New Creator Studio App Helps With Managing Pages On the Go

Facebook’s new app offers:

  1. Insights: Data and engagement metrics about how content is performing.
  2. Editing: Ability to edit video titles and descriptions, delete and expire posts, publish drafted posts and reschedule scheduled posts.
  3. Messaging: Read and respond to Facebook messages and comments using Inbox directly in the app.
  4. Multi-Account Support: Manage multiple Pages on Facebook and toggle between them from the same app in the same session.
  5. Notifications: Immediate in-app notifications for key milestones.

Furthermore, the app lacks the ability to upload content and create new posts.

However, Users can only manage content that has already posted or scheduled. Moreover, Creator Studio is available to download now from the iOS and Android app stores.

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